Competition Schedule

Taekwondo is Life

Registration & Accreditation Centre

Fortius Sport & Health

November 11-21, 9am-6pm

Training Facility

Fortius Sport & Health

November 11-15, 9am-6pm


Bill Copeland Sports Centre

November 16-20

Nov 16 9AM-12PM Competitions (W-42kg, W-44kg, M-45kg & M-48kg)
12PM-1PM Lunch Break
1PM-5PM Competitions (W-42kg, W-44kg, M-45kg & M-48kg)
5PM-7PM Opening Ceremony
7PM-10PM Semi-finals and finals (W-42kg, W-44kg, M-45kg & M-48kg)
10PM-11PM Awarding Ceremony (W-42kg, W-44kg, M-45kg & M-48kg)
 Nov 17 9AM-12PM Competitions (W-46kg, W-49kg, M-51kg & M-55kg)
12PM-1PM Lunch Break
1PM-5PM Competitions (W-46kg, W-49kg, M-51kg & M-55kg)
5PM-8PM Semi-finals and finals (W-46kg, W-49kg, M-51kg & M-55kg)
8PM-9PM Awarding Ceremony (W-46kg, W-49kg, M-51kg & M-55kg)
 Nov 18 9AM-12PM Competitions (W-52kg, W-55kg, M-59kg & M-63kg)
12PM-1PM Lunch Break
1PM-5PM Competitions (W-52kg, W-55kg, M-59kg & M-63kg)
5PM-8PM Semi-finals and finals (W-52kg, W-55kg, M-59kg & M-63kg)
8PM-9PM Awarding Ceremony (W-52kg, W-55kg, M-59kg & M-63kg)
 Nov 19 9AM-12PM Competitions (W-59kg, W-63kg, M-68kg & M-73kg)
12PM-1PM Lunch Break
1PM-5PM Competitions (W-59kg, W-63kg, M-68kg & M-73kg)
5PM-8PM Semi-finals and finals (W-59kg, W-63kg, M-68kg & M-73kg)
8PM-9PM Awarding Ceremony (W-59kg, W-63kg, M-68kg & M-73kg)
 Nov 20 9AM-12PM Competitions (W-68kg, W+68kg, M-78kg & M+78kg)
12PM-1PM Lunch Break
1PM-5PM Competitions (W-68kg, W+68kg, M-78kg & M+78kg)
5PM-8PM Semi-finals and finals (W-68kg, W+68kg, M-78kg & M+78kg)
8PM-9PM Awarding Ceremony (W-68kg, W+68kg, M-78kg & M+78kg)
 9pm Closing Ceremony

*Please note schedule is subject to change.